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Château de Lugey

Domaine Profile

Franck Labeyrie comes from a long lineage of winegrowers. He grew up at Château du Coureau in the Graves area. It was there that he made his first steps before trying the solo experience at Château de Lugey. Franck Labeyrie is a fighter, a dreamer, an explorer at the same time. He is one of those who gives himself the means to follow his instinct, his desires, his convictions.


Like many people around Bordeaux, he spent his summers in the Arcachon basin between Dune du Pyla, Île aux Oiseaux and the oyster farms. And while discussing with a friend oyster farmer about the benefits of deep water on oyster breeding, an idea came up to him. As a wine grower at heart, well informed, he remembered that some of the bottles found under sea keep their qualities even 200 years later.


He was inspired by the oyster immersion technique. In 2008, the first bottles were placed in deep water. The experiment is scientifically monitored. The wines obtained are compared with those that have been aged traditionally in vats. The tests were amazing. The corks did not suffer, the bottles were intact but adorned with a navy dress made of shells and seaweed. The Blanc des Cabanes (like the famous traditional stilt cabins) was born. In 2015, it was followed by the Rouge des Cabanes.

  • Chateau​ de​ Lugey Blanc des Cabanes 

  • Chateau​ de​ Lugey Rouge des Cabanes 

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