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Château de Haute-Serre

Domaine Profile

Malbec is the quintessential grape variety of Cahors and lends its marvellous characteristics to the  appellation’s signature 70% blends. The Domaines Georges Vigouroux are situated along the Lot River, which serves as a thermal regulator, on pebbly and gravelly soil. Located between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, rainfall and humidity levels are optimal for the quality of the vines.

In the early 1970s, Georges Vigouroux, the third generation in a family of brokers, was looking for a place to replant Malbec vines on their historical ‘terroir.’ He found Château de Haute-Serre, abandoned since the end of the 19th century, an estate that had produced one of France’s great wines up to 1880. It took him two years to clear the land, plant 160,000 vines, and renovate all of the buildings.

Haute-Serre became an unequalled winemaking site in southwest France. From the sale of his very first vintage of AOC Cahors in 1976, Georges Vigouroux’s work paid off: Haute-Serre was recognised as a first ‘Cru’ from Cahors.

Now, Georges’ son, Bertrand-Gabriel Vigouroux, continues his father’s work. He aims to achieve excellence with high-density replanting,the  use of eco-friendly vine-growing and tending techniques, ageing in new oak barrels, and trials with wood from different origins to continue the family tradition in the 21st century.

  • Haute Serre Gouleyant Malbec

  • Haute Serre Gouleyant Sauvignon Blanc

  • Haute Serre Grand vin Cahors

  • Haute-Serre Icône Wow

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