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Château Clinet

Domaine Profile

Château CLINET is one of the most prestigious estates of the Pomerol wine region, set amongst the finest parcels of this well-known plateau.


Located 40km to the east of Bordeaux, on the right bank of the Garonne River, its gravelly clay soil makes Pomerol the terroir of the finest Merlots in the world. The natural resources required to produce the exceptional quality of our grapes, simply cannot be reproduced anywhere else on earth.


Successive generations of owners have been producing world-renowned wines here for centuries and, since 1998, it has been the duty and privilege of the Laborde family to perpetuate the highest possible standards, observing the traditions of a strict cultural approach.


It didn’t take long for Ronan to see the full potential of CLINET, his instincts and expertise confirming that this château was worthy of worldwide recognition. For the past 10 years, he has devoted his life to producing the best quality wines, establishing gentle farming and vinification methods that respect the remarkable nature of the vineyard.


He has also implemented marketing targets, which provide clear communication based on transparency and the distribution of exceptional, yet affordable wines. A graduate of EDC Business School and the first generation of the Laborde family to be involved in wine production, Ronan is a genuine entrepreneur. The wine RONAN BY CLINET is probably the finest example of this and comes as a result of his open mindedness: How to offer an approachable, appealing wine to please as many people as possible, with the guarantee of style and durable quality, made by a highly qualified team?

The way has now been paved, with a community of loyal and trusted friends and partners throughout the world, which strengthens our desire to do better every day. Ronan’s inspirational leadership has enabled a committed team to develop alongside him, helping to drive forward new projects and maintain the high standards of a Grand Cru.

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